Why Does Taiwan Get Great Waves?

Sitting on the far Western edge of the Pacific, Taiwan’s swell window benefits from both tropical cyclones as well as prevailing Northeast monsoon winds.

Thousands of miles of open-ocean fetch and some of the world’s deepest sea depths in nearby waters rise abruptly to the continental shelf, providing perfect wave generating conditions.

With 25 or more tropical storm systems that come through each year and consistent winter storm swell in the Northern Pacific (the same swell generator that influences Hawaii) it’s easy to see why Taiwan gets good waves. In fact, Taiwan is a swell magnet. 

What Weather Conditions Can You Expect?

Water temps are warm year round, ranging from about 24 to 29 degrees Celsius (75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit) depending on the season. The sun is strong here in the tropics, and summertime air temperatures get hot in the mid-day, cooling down a little in the evening. You will live in board shorts and a T-shirt. In the wintertime the water is still warm, but air temperatures can be in the mid teens to low twenties. It’s still very pleasant and comfortable.

What Kind Of Surf Breaks Can You Expect?

Rock and coral reefs abound, as well as sand beach breaks  and cobblestone river-mouths. At the beaches and river-mouths, the banks constantly shift, so local knowledge born of experience is essential here. But we have you covered. We know where to go and when, and we regularly score where others may not. 

We usually surf the lesser known, out of the way and secret spots. You can expect quality waves in uncrowded conditions on a regular basis.   

More info on what to expect is available by contacting us. Let us know your personal preferences, needs and questions and we will tailor a package that fits.

What Kind Of Waves Can You Expect?

Have a look at our Instagram feed for more images and to get a general idea of conditions at particular times of the year. Our Instagram is a photo diary of what the waves historically have done each month.

Check out our gallery page to see what awaits you.

What Board Should You Bring?

Generally, we suggest you bring what you are comfortable riding at home.  Conditions vary throughout the year, but a standard shortboard will work on most days.  You are welcome to give us a call to discuss more detailed information regarding your board choice based on conditions expected for the date of your tour.  

If you prefer not to travel with a board, we have many available for hire.  

If you are in search of quality, uncrowded surf in a truly unique part of the world, then bring your favorite board, and join us to taste the best that Taiwan has to offer!