What sets Surf Travel Taiwan apart from other surf tour companies is our willingness to spend the time to put you on the perfect wave. We are committed to providing an unforgettable experience for everyone on the tour, whether beginners or experienced surfers.

The language barrier is not an issue for us as we both can speak Mandarin. We love the people, the food, the natural beauty and vibe of Taiwan. We’ll make sure that you can understand and integrate with the local culture.

Surf Travel Taiwan is more than just a surf tour company. It’s a way to experience the beauty of Taiwan, to meet new people, and to create memories that will last a lifetime. Join us for a surf trip that you will remember as you discover Taiwan’s hidden gems.



Surf Travel Taiwan is a surf tour company. We (James and Virginia) are a Canadian expat couple who fell in love with Taiwan over a decade ago. What started as a simple passion for surfing soon turned into a desire to share the beauty of Taiwan’s surf breaks with others.

We have observed and surfed Taiwan’s waves for years and have come to know it’s secrets. We are dialed-in to finding the best waves, the best conditions, and the best uncrowded surf breaks.



Growing up in British Columbia and Alberta Canada, James has always been in the outdoors, whether that meant hanging 40 stories off the sides of buildings or hiking,  snowboarding and kayaking in the Rockies.

Moving to Taiwan, he realized it’s an amazing, but unknown surf destination.

After studying the weather and Taiwan surf locations, he’ll go to great lengths and drive for hours on the hunt to get you on waves that suit your skill level.



Originally from a small town  in British Columbia, Canada, Virginia grew up wrestling black bears for blackberries.

The logistical backbone of Surf Travel Taiwan, she’ll make sure you have an amazing stay, comfy accommodations and incredible food.